How to Follow Me

Hi there,

you’ve likely arrived on this page to understand how you can follow a site.

The site you have visited just before uses the Friends Plugin for WordPress to connect with other people and their blogs.

If you have your own blog and can install the Friends plugin, you can befriend that page and thus you both become part of the network of blogs.

If you don’t have one, it is possible to follow the site using an RSS Reader.

For more freedom on the web, we highly encourage you though to create your own website. The IndieWeb initiative encourages everyone to have their own website (see also Why I have my own website by Ryan Barrett) as it makes you independent of the big social networks.

Having your own website means you’re no longer the product, and with the Friends Plugin you can stay connected to friends and your professional business network, just by means of your own blog.

Consume the Web Your Way!