Consume the Web Your Way

This page shows what’s possible with the Friends plugin for WordPress.

While the plugin allows you to connect to your friends’ blogs, it’s also a powerful way for consuming the web, hosted on your own blog, accessible only to you.

Read articles in a Clean UI

Subscribe to Multiple Feeds per Person

Filter & Modify Incoming Content

Use rules as a powerful tool for modifying incoming content and filtering it

Browsing Content by Type

Subscribe to different types of content and browse them combined or together.

Saving Content

When you come across something you’d like to keep or re-use:

From your Feeds

From the Web

Using a bookmarklet, the article will be saved (privately) to your blog for further use
Now you could send it your e-reader

Since the full text is saved, you can search for its content later, too.

Re-using Content

Send them to your E-Reader

Reading longer articles on a reader offers a nice experience. When you send a couple of articles, you can read them all later when you have time.

This will convert the post to an ePub or Mobi and send it (including images) to your reader via e-mail

Publish them in a new feed

(Fulltext articles are relayed friends, links + excerpts for everyone else)

Combine this!

  1. Save from the web,
  2. Reformat/strip using Gutenberg,
  3. Send to your E-Reader


Via E-Mail

Subscribe to blogs via e-mail by using your own blog

Send full articles directly your E-Reader when they arrive

You can make new content be sent to your E-Reader automatically.


The Friends plugin is a plugin for WordPress but it can be itself extended with plugins:

This allows for selective expansion of features depending on what people need. See our Issue Tracker.